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  1. I actually don't know where to start or what words to use, your blog is the most inspirational thing Iv read EVER!! When I had my son I looked for something like ur blog n found nothing!! I'm not a single parent I'm married but my husband works and I'm a stay at home mum. I'm 26years old &mum to a wonderful 3yr old and have experienced every single feeling or thought you talk about, from studying&childcare to feeling like your always complaining about them (ps loved the 10 things I love about Reuben!) you have a gift for writing I was in stitches reading, I think mostly cause u are so refreshingly honest!!! U say what I think most mothers think (including me) but arnt brave enough to due to being judged!! I just had to tell u how proud u should be of it, it has touched me and I'm sure so many others, for someone young you are wise beyond your years!! Reuben is beautiful n very blessed to have you I hope you keep blogging cause it's been my new favourite addiction when I get Darren to bed n relax!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. Wow, thank you SO much. Not gona lie I'm sitting in my uni library crying at your comment haha You are so encouraging!!!! I'm like you, I love mum blogs and they're so fun to read but I could never find one that made me feel better. I was always thinking how do these women have time to bake 3 tier cakes and make 3D art with their kids.. heres me struggling to get dressed and make it out of the house before 3pm!! Also, can I just say I admire you so much for being a stay at home mum. That is the hardest job in the world, I would go crazy. I'm sure Darren just loves having his mama around! Thank you so much for commenting, it has made my day. I will def keep blogging! :) xx

  3. Seen a link for your Blog on Facebook and it proved very serendipitous as it's a marvellous read. I was quite sad when I'd finished reading all the posts as I'd finished! I too am the proud Mother of a very energetic, entertaining and strong willed 2 year old boy! They certainly change life in so many ways! I am married and work full time and just finished a course at QUB so I can identify with so much of your blog (i.e the guilt leaving the child to crèche) and no matter if you plan the best day with shaving foam and food die or buy all the ingredients to make buns all the child wants to do is sit inside his toy car throwing coloured balls at my head! It's refreshingly honest and I cheered inside when you said us Mums should stick together and become more understanding. It isn't a competition. And if the general public became more tolerant too it'd be great. I'd like to see the vast majority of them try to calm down a toddler who wants to open up a bottle of shampoo in Tesco whilst eating chocolate raisins and NOTHING ELSE WILL DO! Keep up the blog, Reuben is a dote and you are a top class Mummy with a gift for writing. ������

    1. Ahhh your comment has honestly made my entire day!!! Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Those strong willed boys test you every day don't they?! I'm so thankful you understand my creche guilt, there's such a tension between wanting to spend aaalll your time with them but also wanting to provide a better life for them. I try not to think about it too much anymore or I just end up in tears! I've also been there with the shampoo in tescos catastrophe! Not sure if i've blogged about it but I couldn't figure out why my johnstons bottle was empty all of a sudden, after I did another lap of the shop I realised Reubs had been pouring it out the whole way round and there was a yellow snail trail behind me - one of those mothering moments where you pretend it wasn't your kid and make a swift but innocent looking bolt for the exit haha And speaking of intolerant public, I was in a coffee shop the other day and Reuben had a little tantrum and threw a knife across the floor. I honestly thought the staff were going to ask me to leave. The horrible looks are just humiliating sometimes! WE WERE ALL TODDLERS ONCE!! Nonetheless, thank you again for commenting..comments like yours really do make me smile and I am so glad that you have enjoyed reading it. I hope you are getting on well with full time work and I hope you don't miss your precious boy too much! xx

  4. Rebecca,
    I came across you on instagram while McClay procrastinating and you're just fabulous!. I just read your 3rd birthday letter to Reuben and bawled my eyes out!! You're a real inspiration and Reuben is so so incredibly lucky to have a mum who loves him as much as you do! All the best for your exams you incredible person xx